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Endlessly Idle, with Time                                                                                                                                                                                       2019  

Installation view at Yuan Contemporary Art Museum

Endlessly Idle, With Time is intended to question the state of idleness within the high-efficiency digital culture. It comprises five chapters: Feedback Loop, Lucky, Time Machine, Subjective Affect and Fluid Body, and Circle. The protagonists in this work devote themselves to the apparatus of time, living in the cage-like downloaded image of an empty office. Through choreography, part of them repetitively imitates robotic movements in an emotionless state. Unintentional humanness and intentional inanimateness demands answers from audiences. Could spectators find themselves being watched by the characters on the screens when they look into each other's eyes? Part of the text has been appropriated from a character named Lucky in Samuel Beckett’s play Waiting for Godot. As Beckett said the luckiness of this character comes from his lack of expectation from all things.

Medium: Five-Channel video with audio
Duration: 07’00”
Cast: William Francis Bartholomew, Mairead Byrne, Gabriela de Castro Rassi, Jarrett Key, Dee Walls, Zhiqiu Yu
Sound recording: Zack Davey
Lighting: Violet Ren
Special thanks to: Eva Yao, Yanzhen Wu